Why Yesmovies App?

High Quality

High quality streaming with absolutely rich features and flexible controls

Unlimited Access

Definitely, watch as much as you want without any limitations

Powerful Browsing

Browse different kinds of content with powerful browsing filters

Thousands of Titles

Watch amazing movies and TV shows for free. Finally, no need for any kind of credit cards or contracts. Just download the app and enjoy a hassle-free entertaining experience

Unlimited Movies and TV Shows

Download the Yesmovies app now and enjoy thousands of Action, Adventurous, and Blockbuster movies.

Free For Everyone

No doubt, It is free for everyone and forever. You do not need to pay any subscription fee for watching any content.

High Quality

Unlike other free streaming sites, It believes in quality content and provide high quality streaming services to enjoy with your family.

Watch on TV

Watch on Smart TVs, Chromecast, Firestick, and more.

Stream Everywhere


Watch Unlimited Movies and shows on your phone, tablet, and TV without the worries of limitations.


Happy Users

Key Features of Yesmovies apk

It offers many features that you’ll have access to right upon signing up.

  • Top IMDB

    It also provides a way to get top IMDB ranking content only on our site. You can explore content that is trending on IMDB and most popular on it. It also has an option to watch their trailers on the details screen.


    Search for more thank 50K+ movies, shows and entertainment programs. Browse with many categories like Cinema, featured TV shows & more. Explore more with different filters from current year to late 90s.


    It provides you with multinational content in different countries and Genres. Like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Asia, Thailand, etc, and Genres like Action, Adventurous, Animation, etc.

  • Cast & Crew

    Dive into the details of a movie/series to know which characters performed their roles for the success of that movie/show. Going forward, you can view a complete collection of all the movies and TV shows of any specific actor/actress.


    It has a nicer user interface to save content to your favorite list and watch them later. You can also manage your favorite on multiple devices. It saves your favorite on Cloud Base system. So you do not have to worry about the loss of data.

    Keep track of your history and continue from where you left off.


    If you have a Chromecast device connected to your TV. Then yes movies app will automatically detect it and connect to it upon your confirmation. Once you’re connected, without a doubt, you’ll be able to watch on your big screen without any interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yesmovies is a free streaming platform where you can watch thousands of titles without any limitations, contracts or commitments.

Obviously, It’s completely free. No subscription fees, and no credit cards. Stream amazing content and TV shows for free.

No doubt, Our site provides a handsome amount of programs to stream for free, forever, and for everyone. After you download the app and join our community. You’ll have access to a huge collection of different series, organized into different categories. Like Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy, Documentary, Fantasy, KungFu, Drama, Sports, War, and much more to grab on your hands with just a single platform.

Get an Account Today

First, Download the app now, register yourself with just a single click and access your favorite titles.

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About Yesmovies

No doubt yesmovies app is your ultimate choice as the best movie downloader. It has more than 40k+ movies including Netflix, amazon prime, Disney+, Hulu, Tubi, etc. Besides the function of watching content. It also provides the latest series and movies in HD format. Particularly we provide a rich filter, unlike other streaming apps they don’t have much of that.

Looking for the perfect app to watch content and series mate and the best movie manager for your favorite content that helps you to find out and watch any types of content and series? Here is the amazing movie downloader as the right one for you!

However, You can say that it is the best alternative to Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, etc.

Features of Yesmovies APP

Unlimited free and Seamless Watch Experience

Watch all the things free online and take them away with you for enjoyment. We don’t ask for any credit card for streaming any content. We provide our users free content by just showing some ADS. Because we’ve to maintain our servers and our team members.

Abundant pictures and videos sites supported

As we clearly mentioned above, Yesmovies APK free download offers you a chance to watch a variety of content in one place. Importantly we also provide access to watch from popular platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, Disney plus, Hulu, etc. Apart from this you can find out every movie and show you watch to stream., all in one online without switching out to others.

In-App subscribe

On the other hand in-App-subscribe function is the best option for people who want premium features. We offer our users to remove ADS inside the app and get more features by subscribing to our app. Not only does it provide our users a more valuable content that others don’t provide. But also it has more features than others. Undoubtedly, this is the amazing one out there.

Videos & Movies Download & Play

Clearly one of the best parts of it is that it provides free access to HD full content. No doubt it grabs all kinds of content from a variety of websites. Including Bollywood content and the latest Hollywood content. All of which are available for free and have the best user experience.

Unlike other paid streaming platforms this is finally the better streaming app in the world.

Experience its latest version which provides you not only a smooth experience but also seamless watching experiences.

Live TV programs and series

Definitely, it’s collecting a wide range of TV shows in different languages. Including comedies, realities, and other genres that are famous these days. It is absolutely a great place for people who love watching TV shows. From comedies to documentaries, action to adventurous and all the TV shows are updated regularly probably on daily basis.

Latest Version of Yesmovies for Android

In addition, Its new version is now available and has fixed several bugs. And it added new more user-friendly features. Its computer version and IOS version have not been launched yet and we are working on it and will be notified once build. If you have any questions or recommendations then feel free to let us know. We’ll try our best to resolve your query on our priority list. Without a doubt, this is the number one entertaining platform for users who want to live happily.

Moreover, at this time it is only available for android users. But in addition, it also has a Chromecast feature that you can use to stream on your TV.


Download Yesmovies APP and Enjoy

Finally, It makes speedy video watching online easy and possible. When installing the APK, there may be a warning on your phone as you are installing an APK outside of Google Play Store.

Steps to Install the app

Moreover, In order to complete the installation process, please follow the below following steps to install the app:

Firstly navigate to Setting > Security, then check on the option “Unknown Sources”. Second, Enable the Unknown Source for installing the app, Finally, now you are able to install the app on your phone.

Why not on Google play?

It should be noted that Yesmovies APK download is only available on this website. It has not launched on Google Play yet due to Google’s play policy that prohibits watching content from the cinema. Finally, we hereby certify that it does not have any viruses. Please stay away from fake websites that provide invalid apps to users. And verify the official website and get safe installing the APK.


Some Features that Differ from other streaming platforms.

Obviously, this is by far the most popular free streaming app. No doubt, it has a nice and smooth user interface and easy-to-use navigations. Not only application is the most user-friendly. But also has many more features offered to the users without paying any cost.

Best Option to Choose

No doubt, It is alternatively the best option for paid video services like Netflix. Where it offers a lot of data free of cost but you can also buy our premium plan where you can have a lot more features while the free users don’t. Moreover, this offers a large variety of legal data without any account and annoying gambling Ads.

Some of the salient features are:
  • Firstly, there are no annoying gambling Ads in the application.
  • Secondly, it supports the HD video quality option and also allows users to change video quality by just clicking the change source button.
  • Thirdly, subtitles are available for a greater experience.
  • Fourthly, it gains access to many different filters like a file-only film by genre, categories, country-wise, and year-wise.
  • Fifthly, it has a very beautiful interface and is easy to use.
  • Sixth, for some security reasons, it doesn’t allow users to download data for offline viewing.

It has a vast library of films, TV shows, and music which are updated regularly on daily basis. You can download the APK file from here and enjoy watching your favorite programs on the go.

Premium Features Includes:

Its Premium version is a subscription-based video-on-demand service that is better than Netflix and Disney+. You may find some difficulties on Netflix to find older content and shows. But we’re trying to add the majority of data to it. So you’ll never see any message like Not Found. You’ll get premium features with it.

Why Try our Premium version?
  • Premium films and HD Resolution.
  • Regularly updated data on daily basis.
  • A promising alternative to Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc.
  • You can filter the data by Genre, Year, Rating, and type and premium users have an option to browse programs with an A-Z list.
  • The premium interface is user-friendly and easy to use and a lot better than the free one.
  • Cheaper than Netflix and other paid streaming platforms.

It also offers our users browser data with directors and cast so if you are curious about searching for content with the cast then you’re in the right place. Here this comes from.

How Can I be a Premium member?

Follow the below steps to become a pro:

1:Just click on the NO ADS button located at the top of the home screen.

2:Choose the suitable plan that you want.

3: Then enjoy an AD-free premium experience on our official site.

So what are you waiting for just click on the download button and get our premium plan.

Have a Question Contact Us?

If there are any other questions, please contact us via contact form or our official E-Mail address: [email protected]